Cascina Maddalene

Strada Madonna della Scala, Chieri

3,000 sq.mts. to design together new residences, shared spaces and large green areas inside a historical farmstead.

10 minutes by bicycle
from the town centre

15 minutes by foot
from the railway station
1 minute by foot from the new station, currently being designed

35 minutes by car
from Turin

The potentialities of the farmstead

Cascina Maddalene represents a piece of the history of Chieri, during the years it has undergone multiple interventions and restructurings, but after a long hiatus of neglect can now go back to being lived in.

The edifice is developed around a large and luminous central court and is composed by different parts: in the southwestern part a wide awning with exposed supporting structure alternates with a residential-purpose corner building with load-bearing walling.

The north-east side is instead characterised by the presence of a L-shaped building, once used as a stable, of which is left only traces of the perimetral exposed brickwork and of the rhytmic  cadence of the pillars that supported the roofing toward the central court.

On this side there is the historical farmstead as well, an element of distinctoin for the whole complex and currently under the tutelage of the Superintendence for the cultural and architectural assets.

A shared farmstead with multiple vocations

The structure of the Cascina offers the opportunity to transform a space currently unused. Inside the existing buildings, custom-designed residential units will find their place, with the chance of having wide private outdoors spaces at floor level or above ground.

The large surface area available allows to insert spaces shared by the community such as a common kitchen, a hall for parties, a bread oven, the relax area or a small guest house.

As much as the interiors, the exteriors too can assume different functions according to everyone’s needs: from the urban vegetable gardens to the common green space, or to self-build areas.

Great attention will be given to the re-use of materials and to the preservation of the peculiarities of the edifice, that contribute to define the character of the Cascina.

Energy efficiency systems and innovative materials will contribute to reduce the management costs and to increase the comfort of the residences.

Let’s build together the first Italian Community Land Trust

It seems possible t us to think that a historical location such as the Cascina Maddalene can easily be involved in community processes, with the objective of building a new reference and recognition point for the Maddalene neighbourhood.

The transformation of the Cascina Maddalene could represent an important opportunity to redesign this area, and particularly to activate processes of repossession of the space by the residents.

What is a Community Land Trust – CLT

Those who choose to build a Community Land Trust choose a form of grassroots , not-for-profit self-organisation, that has the objective of acquiring a home for themselves in perpetuity, requalifying the territory and producing benefits for the whole community.

CLTs offer the possibility to redesign the modalities of use and management of the development and estate property, and consequently of the land, considered here as a common good.

The property model at the base of every Community Land Trust refers to the assets, such as the land indeed, that somehow belong naturally to everybody and that have always existed regardless of human activity, and for which it is possibile to imagine a management in the form of entrustment.

This different way to approach the need allows to acquire a home at more favourable conditions for oneself and producing value for the whole community.

The CLT process

The Community Land Trust
acquires the land
and the real estate

of the property of buildings
from the land ownership

The Community Land Trust holds the property of the sole land in guarantee of the respect of common interest and entrusts the residents with the right to use it and build their homes on it.

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