The house we dream of, not the one we find

In Homers you can find help to imagine and design along with other people, new customized housing solutions, freer, cheaper, greener, more beautiful, with more space and shared facilities. Together we explore innovative models and services based on the active involvement of future residents: we follow a path that begins with meetings of mutual knowing and then share the project, the appearance and the structure of your own home.

Custom design
Choose the shape and features of their own accommodation, imagine spaces and common facilities, finding the legal and financial path sustainable for each one

Choosing our neighbours
Active involvement of future residents, facilitating the meeting between people interested in sharing original live projects

Save money
Find the best real estate opportunities, redeveloping goods and brownfields, getting low management costs, ease maintenance and tax deductions

Respect the environment
High environmental performance and energy efficiency, use of renewable energy, eco-friendly materials, zero land use, urban regeneration

Achieving together
Relations with construction companies, organizations and administrations, collective buying groups for supplies, customized contractual solutions

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